Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Backpacker

I love backpacking trips. They enable one to tour and discover the world on a shoestring budget. In my opinion it's much more fun to explore our home planet this way than other "more comfortable" alternatives.

The same can be told about cycling. Although one can spend a handsome sum on a super-duper bike, in general bicycles allow people with tight budget to travel around. Once again, it's not only an alternative to the more costly car, on bicycle you get to witness things you'd never see through the windshield.

Needless to say, it is great to combine both activities. Taking a bike tour while on backpacking sojourn is a wonderful experience.
But not at the same time...

I took this picture on 2 August 2012 in Pearse Street. Whilst I was impressed by the willingness to carry such a huge rucksack while cycling, the heavy load looked awfully uncomfortable and dangerous to me.
And I guess also to the other cyclist next to him.

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