Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Cyclist Wannabe (2)

We've already discussed how the Grand Canal cycle route is being used by road users other than cyclists (for example skateboarders). There are also plenty of joggers and other jokers without wheels at all who block the bicycle track. As you can see there are many other wheelers who don't fall into the cyclist category, yet use the cycle track, for instance parents who push a buggy.

However, it is hard to blame the poor young mother for risking her toddler or obstructing the bicycle traffic. The alternative route to the one she chose is to walk up and down a few steps and push the buggy along a rough narrow surface.  It's barely a pedestrian-friendly option and it's certainly hostile towards people with a buggy or on a wheelchair. In other words, the council didn't leave her a wheel-friendly choice, as you can see from the photo below:

It's great the council improves the cycling infrastructure, but so long as pedestrians aren't taken into account, it's not a sustainable solution. Compare the pedestrian path above to the cycle path next to it:

I took the photo of the cyclists and the aspiring cyclist next to them (and the other two photos as well) on the 4th of April 2013 near Baggot Street.

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